Vector design

Is it really a(ny) Logo all you need?

Sure, it helps having a nice graphic as a logo, as long as that nice graphic isn’t all around the web with many to none different variations ( a circle surrounding that here, a line added there, grey instead of black, yours having a mono-color, part-eaten apple..oups! 🤫 & so on..).

A logo should be beautiful, memorable, and ..hopefully unique.
Keep in mind that you may have to reinvent your brand in order to Increase sales – Create buyer confidence – Add personality to your Business, Соmраnу, Product, Event, e.t.c.

Look for something that stimulates memory – not preventing though ( but enhancing ) market distinction.

So..consider continuing with a solution that meets the criteria in order you are able to Attract attention – Share Your Story – Serve your Causes!

Deliver your message using creative taglines along with a logo made having Your Case in mind!

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